Knowledge Management

In addition to helping organisations engage with their external stakeholders, Community Builders is committed to building organisations that are collaborative through the use of knowledge sharing t

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Relationship Management

We believe the ability to communicate effectively with your community is an invaluable asset.  Consequently, we encourage many of our clients to secure their community's contact information in an o

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Gov 2.0

In addition to our work with corporate and non-profit organisations, our team has a passion for helping government agencies share information and provide useful online services to the community.


Sharing the "secret source"!

We believe that the power of Open Source Software is the ability for anyone to download it and give it a try!


The Free Software Foundation agrees - CiviCRM Rocks!

We've seen it coming since we first started developing with CiviCRM at the beginning of 2006, but now the Free Software Foundation (FSF) agrees that it is "Time for nonprofits to leave proprietary